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my id e3

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I'm happy with that Lurker dude. We'll see if other people are. I know that Bucket started an E2 style map six months ago so he may not want to switch episodes. My level is coming along nicely. Although I did something rather creative which was definitely going against the "id rules"--but it's such a small detail, no one will probably even notice.

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I don't mind which episode we choose. My idea was more just to focus on one episode, and whichever one people choose is fine.

If Bucket has already started a map for e2, then e2 is just as good with me.

[edit] I'm working on a claustrophobia map with KingKill33, which is my only mapping commitment at the moment and which is (mostly) done, so once we decide what we are doing here, then I can more or less start tinkering with ideas for this.

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