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Bridge Damage

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I've been having some trouble getting a bridge sector in vanilla doom to work quite like I want it to.


This first image shows a doom builder layout of a simple example map I made to figure this thing out. The center 3 sectors are all 64 units below the other 2 and are textured with NUKAGE3. What I would like to do is have the center sector raise up 32 units, change texture to CEIL5_2 which is on the top and bottom sectors, and remove sector effect 7 ("Damage 5% health") from only the center sector.


Here is a view in 3D mode of what it should look like before the switch is pressed (the switch is labeled on picture 1).


and here is a view after the switch is pressed. I've gotten the raising of the sector and changing the flat on the sector to work just fine, but I cannot seem to get the damage effect to be removed.

I did a search both on these forums and on google and found a topic on here from two years ago asking a very similar question, but I had difficulty understanding the answers and didn't want to necro the topic. It seems like it has something to do with the location of the trigger sidedef, but I can't for the life of me figure out what.

The map I intend to use this trick in has the bridge raise by 32 units (linedef action 14, "S1 raise floor by 32 (changes texture)") and I wasn't paying much attention when I rigged up this example which is why the raised bridge isn't level with the floor. But I lowered the floor to 32 units high so they are level after the bridge is raised, but the bridge still caused damage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Simply put, the effect you want cannot be done in vanilla doom. You will have to use a boom compatible port instead. i.e. if mapping for boom, you could use a generalized linedef type action.

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I'm certain it can be done in vanilla doom because the effect is used in the final room in E1M9. The only difference is that they are using linedef action 20 ("floor raise to next higher floor (changes texture)") instead of action 14 like I am. Of course, this could be why mine doesn't work but I would think the only difference between the two actions is how high the sectors move.

Looking at E1M9 in doom builder however has not revealed any clues to me on why theirs works and mine doesn't.

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You are indeed correct about E1M9. So linedef action 20 should be ... ("floor raise to next higher floor (changes texture and effect")

Everyone change your doombuilder configs accordingly.

Good find.

So are you saying if that you use line type 20, the damaging effect still remains? What port are you using ?

UPDATE ... I've done some testing on this and it appears that for vanilla doom, the actions that raise or lower the floor by 24 or 32 map units do not change the effect, but the others that change the texture also change the effect.

Can anyone confirm or deny this ?

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Huh, interesting.

While they would certainly be simple to test, I post these questions wondering if anyone already knows the answers.

Does action 20 actually remove an effect or, like the texture, replace it with the one in front of the switch (which I believe is how the texture change is determined, correct me if I am wrong).

If it does only remove the effect, will it remove any effect or only the damage effect?

Do any other linedef actions, regardless of whether they change the texture or not, remove/change the effect as well (obviously excluding action 20).

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Yes, any linedef special that affects the flat texture, also affects the sector type. It inherits these properties from the neighboring sector that it's moving to. There are several of these actions, which work in both directions. Light level and linedef tags are not transferred.

There are 11 raise and 4 lower actions that change texture/type. A bit limited in how they can be lowered, but it's enough to work with.

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Also in case you want to raise the floor by some amount other than the ready linedefs allow, it might be that you can achieve the effect you want with dummy sectors (draw two connected sectors outside the map, connect your target sector with one of the new sectors and set the other one to have the target height/light/whatever).

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I see. Using action 14 is only raising a sector by x amount. It is not moving "to" another sector, and therefore there is no inherited effect to replace the damage.

action 20 on the other hand does involve a "to" sector, and therefore the effect is inherited from that sector. How does action 14 determine what texture to change to? Is it whichever texture is in front of the linedef that triggered it?

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FrozenNemesis said:

How does action 14 determine what texture to change to? Is it whichever texture is in front of the linedef that triggered it?

Yes, it changes to the flat that is in front of the triggering linedef

The Doom Specs explain it in detail.

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