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Is Heretic supposed to be working? I can't get it to load in the svn builds I tried. Complains about STDISK at startup. In 33.50 it loads but there's no weapons and some other glitches. So is it me screwing up, or is this just not done yet?

Of course. Now I find the thread talking about heretic support. Even better, its right near the top! No idea how I missed that. (or the how search feature did for that matter.) Fantastic.

Sorry about the useless post. Hopefully you won't think of me as a complete moron.

By the way after playing around some more on custom maps, I have to say I love the monster-highlighting crosshair. Great alternative for those who don't like mouse-look on those maps that love to attack you from where you can't see the enemy but they CAN see you.

As far as Doom goes though oustanding work. I think with Heretic support this would become my new favorite port for old wads and general doom goodness. (most of the new wads all seem to be written specifically for zdoom, sigh) Yep just about all it would need to make it the perfect port is that little smiley face crosshair from fuh-quake.

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Heretic support is unfinished, and is waiting on completion of the EDF weapons/items/inventory systems (which are all interrelated and have to be done at the same time - groundwork has been laid already).

However, the STDISK problem was unrelated, and has now been fixed. The next time the SVN build is updated, this won't be a problem. The disk flasher was recently repaired to work with the SDL build, and SoM forgot to copy in a line from the DOS code that kept the disk flasher from activating in game modes (like Heretic) that do not support it :)

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Are there any plans to have the DEHACKED lump support in Eternity allow some of the same Heretic-related strings as in ZDoom? (See here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Strings )

It would simplify setting up the message changes in the Blasphemer project for Eternity use, since there's already a DEHACKED lump with ZDoom's Heretic string names.

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Several Heretic strings are already supported via BEX string replacement, however I doubt I have chosen the same mnemonics as ZDoom due simply to the fact that I was not aware that ZDoom had added support for Heretic strings through BEX string replacement. Of course it is possible for me to support more than one mnemonic per string, so long as I added a way to exclude the duplicate copies from the DeHackEd-method hash table (this would cause problems with only one copy or the other getting modified).

I'll give it some further thought before I do anything else regarding it.

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