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Time to release my next map! After the release of cwad4 (http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=43087 I began working on E1M2 for my megawad, but as I went through attempt after attempt and studied id's maps more I released that the map I released, while fun, would be terrible in a megawad, especially as an E1M1.

And so I started a new map made for the purpose of being my new E1M1. To help in this endeavor, I limited myself to using only E1 textures, and I find the new map both more enjoyable and a much better E1M1.

After fine-tuning item and monster placement I think I have it ready for release and would like to know what you think.

Nemesis_x02 Release 1 is available at http://files.filefront.com/Nemesis+x02+Release+1/;12689218;/fileinfo.html. I have also posted some screenshots on the page as well. This one is also for Doom 1. I have configured all difficulty levels, as well as added deathmatch and coop starts, though I have not changed anything in the map to enhance the multiplayer experience yet.

This map is significantly smaller than my previous map, but I feel it has much better gameplay quality. I have tested it both in prBoom+ as well as Chocolate Doom and it plays perfectly in both. The only thing I noticed is that the texture on some of the doors is slightly corrupted or something when playing on Chocolate Doom, but nothing of gameplay significance.

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FrozenNemesis said:

79 views and not a single post, comment, or even download?

Don't get discouraged, you map looks cool. I'll give it a shot this weekend.

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I'll have a look. will post after I play it.

EDIT: there's really not much to talk about. This is too short to be noteworthy, but it is well designed. It feels like it should be the first level of some sort of megawad. Can't wait to see more.

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Since you want input, I'll be thorough.

The very small size of this map makes it clear that you intended to copy what Romero did with the first level of Doom. In that light, it's definitely fair to introduce a megawad with a map of this size, but not just any map of that size will do. You need to consider more carefully how the various elements of e1m1 worked together to introduce Doom. This level, if used as an introduction, will frustrate new players and bore old ones.

E1m1 did these things:
1) Introduces the basic Doom dangers (ie. monsters, nukage) by putting the player in some easy situations
2) Demonstrates the power of the Doom engine (as compared to the Wolfenstein engine) with impressive architectural shapes, height differences, and differing light levels, as soon as the level starts
3) Demonstrates some different ways in which secrets will be hidden (barely-visible doors, walk-over lines that lower lifts
4) Introduces the player to basic useful items

Your level does these things:
1) Instantly puts the player against the hardest combat challenge in the level, and then puts the player into a room with completely inescapable nukage. This second room also requires the player to have the knowledge that some switches are shootable, and the ability to walk on small platforms without falling off. Any new player would die a frustrating number of times in the first room against the monsters, and would then die a frustrating number of times in the nukage in the second room, and might become completely stuck there, unable to figure out how to progress. Veterans will handle these situations just fine, but will find fault with this level's upside-down difficulty curve.
2) Shows the player two flat and rectangular rooms with completely even lighting. This makes your level look a little bit too much like Wolf3D. New and old players will both be bored here.
3) Makes every secret in the level dependent on just one single secret door, which the player probably won't find. (After dying in the nukage once or twice, the player will not want to jump into it again just to press on random walls.)
4) Gives the player no health or armour items, except that he gets to see an advanced health powerup and probably won't get to take it.

Essentially, this map is not good. Also, it can be argued that we don't really need to be "introduced" to Doom anymore with such a small level, as most of us have quite a bit of experience in this field by now. But, Scythe proves that bite-size Doom levels still have their appeal, as long as they're well-constructed. Keep trying!

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Upon hearing map was so small I too just played it, and it needs expanding on greatly in every way. I would not consider it finished in it's current state, even for a first level. I'm not sure how you expected much gameplay in such a tiny map, it doesn't even have time to make an impression at all really.
So keep going with your idea, and keep using id's maps for reference, that's always a good idea.

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Thanks for the feedback. When I made my previous level I had a bunch of large "theatrical" encounters, but the more I played it the less I liked it for its gameplay.

When making this level, I wanted to focus more on gameplay than on theatrics. I have personally always enjoyed the gameplay and design of the Doom 1 levels over those of Doom 2 and so I wanted to mimic their functionality while amping up the difficulty.

Many maps I've started as well as most of the pwads I have played have all been mostly medium to large maps, while all the E1 maps were much smaller in size. So I went with the smaller size for this map, but looking at it again after reading your comments I agree that it is perhaps a bit too small and unpolished.

I appreciate you being thorough Creaphis. Hearing things that are wrong with something you made can be difficult, but in the end can lead to a much better final result. This wad, with the rather higher difficulty level I'm shooting for is not meant to introduce 'Doom' per say, but rather to introduce the megawad, providing a challenge for veteran players when played on a higher difficulty, but being a good experience for newer players on lower difficulties as well. That said, many things you included are things that I did not even think about and completely agree on.

Thanks again for the feedback. The comments in this thread have shined light on a lot of the mistakes I made while trying this new mapping style (new for me at least) and I will certainly update this level and look forward to comments on the new and improved version.

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