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Hand-drawn animation

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I liked the expression on the officer's face as he was in the homeless guy's sights.

If he had fired sooner, he could have got three cans of beans.

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Damn, I was surprised the nazi adult filter software on the library computers here actually let me view this (very seldom can I view anything from sites like YouTube or MySpace). The animation is a bit on the rough side, but the concept/execution of your idea is good. If this was just something you threw together for the heck of it, it'd be okay, but as this is a final project for a class, I guess I was expecting a more polished product on the graphical end of things. That said, I do understand it takes a long time, and a lot of work, to draw even a short animation by hand.

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The whole point of the project really was to get the timing right, or at least try to. The rough look is actually accepted (at least for this class anyways). It was my first time doing anything like this too. We had very limited time to work on it so getting all the details and stuff down would have been even more time consuming and would have most likely resulted in me not even finishing the movie in time.

Thanks for the comments.

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