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Risen3D v2.2.03 released

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R3Dv2.2.03 has finally been released. Go here for more info.

  • Improved analysis code and further speed improvements.
  • Translucent water.
  • Outside fog support.
  • Underwater effects and falling damage.
  • Improved resolution and FOV support for large widescreen monitors.
  • Skybox support - packs for Doom and Doom2 courtesy of Wim Sitters.
  • Sitters and Abbs enhanced model packs are now available.
  • The standard HUD weapon models have been revised.
  • The R3Dlauncher now has improved DPI ( large fonts ) awareness.
  • Improved saved game compatibility between model packs.
  • Many other improvements and tweaks too numerous to mention.

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Nice engine improvements and the new soldiers and other model packs are very nice too IMO. The new Archvile is a significant improvement.

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After a fresh install under Vista64 Premium in c:/program files(x86)/Risen3D I get the following when trying to run R3DLaunch:

Run-time error '70': Permission denied.
Changing the compatibility options to XP SP2 and running with administrator privileges R3DLaunch appears to work as expected.

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