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Silent Hill style wads

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I'm a fan of the whole silent hill series, but I didn't think Cold as Hell was anything like Silent Hill.

Making a silent hill WAD is actually an idea that crossed my mind several times. Seeing a pyramid head roaming around in a labyrinth like level would be creepy.

Maybe with GZDoom, one could create a dynamic light that moves with the player in dark places, recreating the flashlight used in all the silent hill series.

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I'm working on a project for EDGE that attempts creepiness, but it is really difficult in the Doom engine. Uses dynamic lights and heavy scripting at times. No screenshots just yet.

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Well, there kinda is. Among my plans which weren't fulfilled.

These are indirect links - follow them and you'll get to the pages with direct links.

http://ashigaru-rostov.narod.ru/wads/sunset.zip - early level, I was really unskilled, so generally it sucks. In the end you'll see a building of "Evlegreen hospital" which would appear later in my works. Originally it was supposed to be a purely dark wad based on a very impressive horror novel by my friend (Russian). In the end the darkness turned to fog and... Just one level. Unfinished scripting, plot. No enemies.

http://ashigaru-rostov.narod.ru/wads/step.zip - I wanted to make a megawad, but made only 2 levels (and a beginning of the 3rd): a city area level and a hospital level, the Evlegreen Hospital. But this wad has no connection to the previous one. However, 2nd level has some SH features.

I'm going to remake Evlegreen Hospital seriously and use it as a base for one of the levels of the new wad I'm working on and planning to finish. But it'll be Resident Evilish, not in SH style, so there won't be any "world alterations" (there are some in the wads above).

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