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Change sprite animation speed, and number of frames?

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I am wondering if you can change the speed of the sprite animations (DOOM's default is painfully slow for the mod I'm making.) From what I can recall I thought the DOOM 3 weapons mod has sped up the frames of the weapons.

Also, when creating a new monster, can you use more frames than the original monsters to give smoother movement? I really hope you can.


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That depends on what sourceport you're editing for. I know Eternity and ZDoom support adding new frames and whatnot via EDF and DECORATE, and I'm pretty sure that EDGE and Doomsday do as well through their own methods.

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you can do all that with whacked (dehacked). This will keep everything compatible with vanilla doom, but it only allows you to rearrange frames and not add new ones. So if you want to make 6 (for example) walking frames for you monster you will need to replace an old monster, for example an imp, and then add more frames in between from for example from the ss-nazi.

The original monsters have different numbers of frames. IIRC the baron, revenant and arachnotron all have 6 walking frames, yet they only have 3 corresponding graphics. The other 3 are filled up by horizontally mirrored images of the first 3.

You can also adjust the speed of the frames with whacked.

You cannot add more rotation angles though. Objects either have 1 or 8 sides (but you can rearrange frames, to change an object with originally 1 side to have 8 and vice versa).

If you intent to make your mod for a sourceport it would probably be better to do it with another editor.

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I use ZDOOM for all my wads, but WHACKED seems to work fine with ZDOOM.

Also, what if you're creating a totally new monster, and want it to have 8 full directions? Oh wait, that's what you were saying, right?

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A one-angled sprite can be replaced with an 8-angled one just by including the correctly-named angles for it; no DeHackEd or anything else is even needed.

However, since you say you're intending this for ZDoom, I'd recommend learning DECORATE. Googling "zdoom wiki" should get you to the place to be for ZDoom modding information, including some tutorials and other information about DECORATE. The ZDoom.org forums also have a lot of knowledgeable folks who can help you out with any questions.

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