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Freedoom's new home

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I was waiting until Savannah approved the project and I made the initial site before posting this, and now both of those are done. (The old website was done partially in PHP, which the new host doesn't support, plus much of it is outdated and it's better off to remake from scratch than dig through all the old pages for stuff to remove/change...)

The new website URL is http://www.nongnu.org/freedoom/; new builds from the repository will display this instead of the SourceForge one. The project is at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/freedoom/, which contains download links, source code repository information, all that stuff. Nightlies are being built for Freedoom at http://free.doomers.org/, courtesy Jon.

Only index.html is actually made for the web site, I don't need to be told that (almost) all the links on the side are 404'd. :-)

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I've setup freedoom.sf.net to redirect to the new site. freedoom.sf.net/foo will point at nongnu.org/freedoom/foo, so we can make all the old URLs point at valid locations via redirects at the receiving end if necessary, keeping any bookmarks and the like intact (apart from the ones we already broke at sf.net)

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