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Can someone recommend a video converter?

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The last chance for my grandma to ever see the face of her estranged son depends on me getting a .mov file to play on a DVD player.

Is there a good free program (for Windows XP) that can convert .mov to a folder of VOB, IFO and BUP files?

OR, if there isn't, can anyone recommend a good commercial program?

OR, if someone is feeling helpful, could I upload the files and have you convert them for me?


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I believe there's one called Virtual Dub that can save as mov, along with being free, but I am not sure.

However it is worth a look.

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The goal is to convert the pre-existing MOV file to a DVD-player-compatible format so that I can burn it and have it play on a DVD player. VirtualDub appears to have entirely different abilities and purposes.

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Well excuse me for not spotting the one good link out of a thousand shitty "free trials."

I mean thank you very much.

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