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Problem with DSV2 (Blackness)

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I already posted this thread on ZDoom, but maybe someone on here can help me out.

Basically, whenever I go past map01, it crashes the next map with "PO_TranslateToStartSpot: Multiple polyobjs in a single subsector". This is only in the latest versions of GZDoom, ZDoom and their variants. Eventually, I got past this by running ZDoom 1.22, but now I'm having trouble with the hub itself. It seems like after I do what I need to do in a sub-level (flip a switch, etc), the main hub level resets completely aside from this one change. That means that all the doors that previously let me into the areas where the exits to the sub-levels were are now locked and unopenable.

Is there any patch/fix for this, or should I just move on?

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If I recall correctly, DSV2 was technically never finished, and there are several parts of the WAD that are pretty broken. Then again, I could be wrong; I haven't played it in ages.

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Yeah, I give up. I tried everything I can think of and even a patch that Catoptromancy made. Maybe it really was never finished, because at second glance, the text file reads: "due to me rejecting this wad authors can do whatever they want with it".

Ah, well. I'll just have to suffer my DooM psudeo-OCD :(

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