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XWE Updated for Risen3D

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Csabo has graciously given the R3D team permission to release a modified version of XWE which works very nicely in conjunction with Risen3D's edit mode.

Go get it HERE

Instructions included on how to use this feature.

Enjoy !

This modified exe was made in March 08 whereas the latest official beta was made August 07. If Csabo reads this could he inform one and all if any additional enhancements were done in between ?

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I received an email from Csabo today. I asked him if he knew what additional changes/features have been added to the Risen3D version since the latest official beta .

His reply ...

"I'm sorry to say that I actually don't remember... There definitely have been changes, and probably a few unfinished things. So basically just state what it is: the latest beta that implements that specific feature, but may have other problems. So WAD backups are encouraged"

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