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Recording MIDI

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What's the best free MIDI recording software for Doom music? For PC and Mac if you know.

Has a music composer ever won a Cacoward?

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By "MIDI recording," do you mean that you want a program that will record midi output from some old fashioned keyboard? I don't know what you would use for that, but for MIDI sequencing, you could use a free trial of Fruity Loops while you're learning the ropes.

Wads with good music have won Cacowards, but as the Cacowards are awarded to Doom projects, it's pretty much impossible for a music collection alone to get one of those prizes.

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Oh well. Didn't think so. It's exclusive to the .wad makers and I respect that.

I'm looking for a sequencer, but I don't learn software easily.

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Fruity Loops is pretty easy to start with. Make a few MIDI channels, open the piano roll and just start clicking.

Good composers definitely do get respect when contributing to good projects, so you don't need to worry about that. Ralphis' Action Doom 2 soundtrack is very notable, for example.

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