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Happy New Year's everybody! (0.6.3)

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The new 0.6.3 release is now available for download! shortlog follows

Catoptromancy (4):
      levels: fixed errors in maps
      sprites: added new Hell Knight and Pain Elemental sprites
      lumps: Add demo1
      e1m2: Fix to be fully compatible in doom1.wad

Jon Dowland (2):
      silence colormap.py
      quieten deutex

Mike Swanson (12):
      Added .gitignore files
      titlepic: version from `git describe` if available
      Documentation: rewrote most of README, reformatted COPYING
      wadinfo-builder.pl: change license to BSD
      lumps/genmidi: Update OpenBSD-derived code to newer license
      Add copyrights, remove latest/ directory
      Change website URL in documents
      README: Clarify the usage of Boom 2.02
      buildcfg: Separate demos to specific IWAD targets
      README: Fix 50% of the TODO sections :-)
      VERSION: Bump to 0.6.3
      Docs: Update ChangeLog and NEWS for the new release.

RjY (17):
      Add doom.wad object target
      Add makefile section to build doom.wad
      Build wadinfo_ult.txt, needed by udoom iwad target
      Remove levels/e3m8.wad symlink
      Update .gitignore and clean target
      Define ULTDOOM when building wadinfo and texture1 for udoom
      Include doom pnames in buildcfg.txt when ULTDOOM is defined
      Add SKY4 to Ultimate Doom build
      Add acc_e2m2 as E1M2
      Minor fixes to acc's E1M2
      Add acc to CREDITS
      Shareware-compatible version of acc_e2m2 from Catoptromancy
      acc_e2m2: rebuild REJECT
      Add URL to ENDOOM
      Add Catoptromancy's ENDOOM lump instead
      Add free-fun.wad by Siggi and link it as map32
      Add Siggi to CREDITS

Simon Howard (17):
      Change build to use simplecpp for preprocessing, as this does not munge
      Convert makepkgs script to Python.
      Convert extract-pnames script to Python.
      Convert sanity-check script to Python.
      Convert wadinfo-builder script to Python.
      Convert simplecpp script to Python.
      Move scripts that are part of the build system into scripts/.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/freedoom
      Convert colormap.py to Python.
      Fix Makefile.
      Convert playpal generator script to Python.
      Minor fix to wadinfo-builder script.
      Fix Makefile dist: .pl -> .py
      Fix colormap script: leftover debugging code meant that all colormaps were at the same level.
      wadinfo-builder: Convert assignment overrides to lower case.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/freedoom
      README: Add some initial level design guidelines.

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That link is for nightlies instead of official releases; even though at the moment it'll just corespond to 0.6.3.

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