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Freedoom 0.6.3

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Freedoom has come out with a new release, version 0.6.3. 2 new sprites, 2 new maps and many map fixes. 0.6.3 also introduces the Ultimate Freedoom iwad. You can now play Ultimate Doom pwads. Freedoom now has a new website, and MikeRS is the new maintainer. Please visit http://www.nongnu.org/freedoom/ for more information.

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I really hope this project doesn't go to shit. Seriously. We need to get all the stuff that's not done (sprites, maps) DONE, then concentrate on what material that sucks (like that lost soul) and improve on it. Deletion of maps should be a last resort, (why delete progress?) and if maps are to be changed(better ones to replace the suckiest ones), have users vote on which maps they like best(the old one or the new one). I think that will be the most fair way to move along with the project. It'll be a lot of polls, but that's what a public forum is for.

EDIT: I've been informed that the above was cryptic somehow. I fixed it. :3

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Thanks. That was much much faster. The other one was so slow that it lost the connection after a while.

edit: Zdoom thinks it's shareware doom.
and in Map02 of regular Freedoom, there's an odd HOM in Zdoom.

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