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Doom3 demo fails to run

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So I got my new computer, and I figured I would give the doom3 demo a quick test to see how well it performs. Well that turned to shit. It just crashes as soon as I run it (as in doom3 hardly even loads).

Now, I'm currently using vista on trial (I'm 'upgrading' to XP very soon), so that may have something to do with it. I highly doubt that it has anything to do with my hardware (other then the it being 64bit dual core), and considering how soon it crashes and the fact that Quake4 works, there must be something fucked up. Any ideas?

System specs for clarification:
CPU: AMD Athlonx2 64bit
dualcore 5000+ AM2 2.6ghz
1MB L2 Cache
MB: Asus All in one motherboard
PCI-E 16X SATA 2 & raid
Graphics card: 512mb 9400GT
Ram: 2GB DDR2-800
HDD: 250GB SATAII 7200rpm HDD
Optical Drive: 20xDouble layer DVDRW
Integrated Sound/Lan
Case: 400W ATX case with 2 front side usb ports
Monitor: 19" 5ms 1440x900 LCD Monitor w/built-in speakers*3years warranty
KB&MICE: Logitech Desktop 250 Combo

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I think it might be that keyboard and mouse combination. Doom 3 has had compatibility issues with that combo, as far as I know. Or perhaps it's that 7200rpm HDD that can't keep up. Or perhaps it's the 3 year warranty on the monitor that's not recognized.

By the way, download the Zune theme for XP. Gives it a nice, new look. I just installed a new PC a few weeks ago with XP also.

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When I originally built my new machine I figured to try the Doom3 Demo to see how it would work, but it wouldn't even load because of compatibility issues, but I had this theory that the original Demo was not designed with Vista in mind and the demo, well, I couldn't upgrade it with the 'patch'...so I took the chance and installed the full game and updated it with the latest patch and it worked just fine...here's my specs...

Intel Core i7 2.66 ghz
12 gigs DDR3 of ram on the motherboard
2 Nvidia 9800 GT's with 512 megs on each card running in SLI mode
MSI Plantinum SLI with x58 chipset
Vista Home Premium 64-bit

It runs like a charm in extreme high def! I've been waiting to run this game with all the bells and whistles for a long time!

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