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Doom 3 Deathmatch WAD

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Started it, and it uses the Doom 3 weapons Mod for Skulltag, but no Railgun.

I have 1 and a half maps done, I think I will do about 7 - 10.

It features...

- Doom 3 weapons
- Doom 3 images some textures
- Hopefully the marine wont have a helmet
- Doom 3 Sprites
- Custom deathmatch maps.

+ More

I dont know what else yet, but Ill put a demo or screenshots up soon. This is my new project seen I canceled DarkDoom BTW.

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EarthQuake said:

OK. See you again with your next project after you've canceled this one.

No offense, but your the person who suggested I canceled the last one. (Kept wondering "Why?")

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Haha, well if you can complete this one, then I will gladly change my mind about the mod. Until then, newproject++.

Every time you announce something with nothing substantial to show, it leaves people in doubt. So many projects, so few get done. So pardon me if I'm skeptical.

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BloodGulch.wad - Completed and Posted (Announced on Main Target)
DarkDoom - Canceled
Doom Sequel Project - Never Began

I only canceled one.

And Ive only been on these forums for a few months, check my YouTube or sites and I got alot more then that done as well.

Plus it takes a couple months if not more to finish these.

Lol, but I find it irratating that people urge me to cancel something and get angry when I do.

When nobody is interested, I either cancel or dont begin.

ALSO I am doing work on gamedev.net with some teams, so that takes up alot of time as well. I dont have alot of time for these personal projects but I try to fit them in when I can.

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boris said:

Never beginning a planned project is pretty much the same as canceling :P

Sort of, except cancelling is a last resort and never beggining is more of a "loss of intrest" thing.

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avery1555 said:

Thanks, ok, I'll put that name in, it is the same WAD im using for sprites

The sprites are from the Doom 2.5 team, actually (specifically, the weapon sprites are by Kronos).

Since it died, the vultures picked it clean.

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