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problems with d!zone

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i have some news for those of u tring to get d!zone(for doom) to work on anything later than win95. It will NOT work at all with win98SE, i am not sure about orignal win98 but SE is a no go! It have tried it on a few systems with 98se and none of them worked, gave me the same runtime error. however it is 2001 and there are many good, and better, wad loaders out there. however if u are like me and like to kick back with the originals from time to time and use d! then here are a few hints. first off I have a system made only for old school games/programs/shit, plus it is fun to play with. If u want to try and partition your hard drive u may, dont use fdisk, use something that will only make a partition from freespace. If u have a copy of DOS6.22/WIN3.11 put those on that partition along with all the old school games and doom stuff. if u dont got a copy of DOS get one from a friend or ahh find it on the net. you will need a boot loader or boot disk too. Also if u have a 486 packed away try useing it for all your old shit

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Dammit...I have to partition my hd first? Crap...I finaly have a computer with all its files in neat little folders. Though I might try this if I had any understanding of how to use these boot thingies you were talking about.
If there is any other way, someone tell me, because I'm having the same problems.
I'd also like to know if there is another program that is similar...mass wad loading, randomized levels, and perhaps randomized items.

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