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Quake Rebellion

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Anyone remember that Quake/Doom movie that some guys were making called Quake rebellion. They linked the Doom3 and Quake3 stories.

Anyway, noticed that they got a new version of the trailer up on their website.
http://www.tritin-multimedia.com/Trailer1-Master.wmv (Ca 80mb)
This time the models are actually looking like I think one can expect them to look in the final product.

EDIT: maybe I posted this in the wrong section. It's half past 4 in the morning and suddenly I am really tired.

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Heh... that would probably make a decent Q3 (or D3) mod.

Wait, what am I saying? A game based on a movie based on a game.

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my hats to the 3g film making team, seems very interesting

one little critic is that the Xaero model looks rather pointy on the eyes and ears, hope they'll go back and refine that

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