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Nightmare Doom

Wads based on/off Real Locations/Places? And other locations...

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I wonder if anyone here could point out any wad that are based on from real locations/places in the world? I do know that the upcoming Dawn of Reality is one of them (I wonder if Reinchard666 is still even working on this wad? or s/he just abandoned it like I usually see with anticipated wads like Happy Time Circus 2 for example) which is based on a real city where Reinchard666 lives (somewhere in Europe) but I wonder there's anymore?

I also wonder if there's any wads that are also based on locations from movies especially horror films? (since I do know that a Overlook Hotel Map was made for Duke Nukem 3D called Redrum but I wonder there's a Doom map based on the Overlook Hotel (or someone could make one)? Not to mention that the Evil Dead cabin appears in Happy Time Circus 2 for those who played the beta testing wad)

As for wads based on locations from other games I do know that there's exist a poorly made Stauf Mansion map from the 7th Guest and 11th Hour aswell.

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Hoover Dam, Circus Maximus, Enter if You Dare, The Unholy Trinity, Carreg Cennan Castle, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion, DIIE! and a couple of maps in Forest Wad spring to mind. There's more I can't recall the names of - one based on the Leaning Tower of Piza and another based on an architect-designed house.

For wads based on other games you can start with Space Hulk Doom.

EDIT - jogged my memory and found two more.

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Some of Fragport's maps are based off real/fictional places/games:

map 03 (the villian's hideout in "A View to a Kill", the Bond film)
map 09 (Volcano Valley Zone act 2/3 in Sonic 3D Blast)
map 11 (inspired by the bunkers at Dover Castle, UK)
map 17 (Warrington Laser Quest, UK)
map 25-27 (arenas in XS, the gladiatorial FPS game)
map 32 (layout and format of "The Crystal Maze", the TV gameshow)

I've also got a map in Serpent that contains a replica of a place I visited in India last autumn.

And this map is based off a place just a few mins walk from me...beat that :P

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