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Some doom1 maps used for doom2 ?

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Since there a number of "missing" maps in freedooms doom 2, namely, 15, 19 and 28, would it be worth using some of the doom1 maps for these slots,and modify them if necessary, at least on a temporary basis ?

I know this has been done for map 1 already.

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Yeah, we mapped e1m1 to map01 and e1m2 to map03 at some point when we decided that having too many IWADs was spreading the limited resources of the freedoom community too thin, and the good work in the shareware IWAD wasn't getting much exposure (I am of course biased, since I made e1m1/map01, and fraggle did e1m2/map03, but I felt at the time that the quality of many of the e1 levels (e1m4 jumps to mind as another, and e1m9 was promising) was a lot better than the average of the doom2 maps, in particular I thought map01 was too much of a doom2 map01 clone).

It would be harder to map the e1 levels to later slots as the difficulty will not be right: that, and without tweaking, there are no plasma or bfg, and no doom2 specific resources, in those levels.

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