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Doom2 map in progress, requesting feedback

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I modified some of the custom mobs, the originals can be found on tormentor667's website. This map is not finished, the game play portion is about 50% done. If you need a goal while playing, try to kill the spider mastermind. For a harder challenge try to kill the three fire breathing aliens as well. When the map is finished there will be an exit or two on the opposite side of the map from the starting area. Trying to make the map non-linear.

Tested using GZDoom, don't know if it'll work with other ports.

Hoping to get some feedback. Which rooms are awesome? Which rooms suck? Is the map boring?

I realize many of the textures still need to be aligned. I'll get around to that later. *yawn*

Feel free to modify or use any part of this wad.

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/186398258/Pressure.zip.html


Some Screen shots:

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This is great imo and beating those giant aliens + the mastermind looks like a difficult challenge I might attempt (zdoom). The first suicide bomber I saw scared me and the giant aliens are cool as well as the exploding pain elementals. I also like the concept of beat the clock before an imp flood overwhelms you, and I wanted to try something like that myself (I was picturing pinkeys in my mind but imps are better now that I think about it).
I mostly strolled around with iddqd so not sure how difficult/possible it would be but maybe killing the 3 aliens could trigger a bfg, thus allowing you to bypass all those imps or something, or whatever else you intended. I'll probably find where the main guns and ammo are in doombuilder to save time.

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I gotta say, this was actually kinda fun. Looks a bit plain with all the grey, but was some pretty crazy, intense gameplay in there.

I really liked the rushing around having to avoid the imp flood. It made it very interesting.

I killed around 800 of the 1400 odd monsters on the level. I got two of the giant fire breathing aliens, infighting those against the hordes of imps helped.

Pretty scarce ammo and health relative to the sheer number of monsters tho, but a lot of fun.

Will probably go back and have another play. Nice work.

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After playing its not as fun or hard as I thought it might be so far. Using the mastermind platform as a base seems the safest route since there's so much ammo/life there, which makes you just kinda sit around without much threat while everyone infights. If the gameplay was chaotically going from room to room with no real safe zone, it might be more fun but that route would maybe be too hard for me as is. Still I like the new enemies.
failed meh zdoom 2.2.0 demo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/45hho8

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