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Where can I find a good texture/sprites replacement pack

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Im looking for a good texture and sprite replacement package thats more atmosppheric, something a little more high res.
Or at least a link to a full md2 pack that isnt broken.

Ive been away from the Doom scene for a minute, and I recently found my box of goodies after unpacking and I want to hop back on. Its been 9 years since ive registered on these forums and my artistic talents have improved so im hoping to start contributing to any projects that need a good artist.


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Jeremy said:

Ive been away from the Doom scene for a minute

Understatement of the year

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Understatement? I registered for these forums in 00. Ive been playing Doom since it came out. Its my favorite classic game (along with SMB3) and I have every port official and non. Even when I was away from these forums I still played.
...thanks anyway

Im looking for some good editing programs for changing music, sounds and gfx. I used to own one where you could load the main .wad and work with the raw BMP files. There was a long list of every sprite and animation, and you could click on it to open it in mspaint and replace it with your own work. Same with the sounds and music.
And when you were done editing, you could save it as a wad.

Anyone know which program im talking about? Its been like 6 years since I used it...

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Nowadays, the most commonly-used wad editors are XWE and SLumpEd, though unfortunately they both seem to be no longer in development, and have a number of irritating bugs, issues, and (perhaps worst of all) incompatibilities with each other. :\

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