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Calling all Hugo Fans..

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I found an extractor for Hugo's Nitemare 3-D and now have all walls, sprites, and enemies from the full version of the game. I was wondering if there were any bored individuals such as myself that wanted to create a new game called Hugo's Haunted Mansion featuring five levels using the same textures from the previous game with a few newly created ones, and then a venture into the portal of hell, featuring the seven layers, satan (from Spear of Destiny), and a whole chunk of lost levels, featuring remakes of the original levels (sounds and all... gunshots can open walls just like the original, we just have to improvise with them being doors marked as walls)

This is the text from a small site I just created on the subject:<BR>
Welcome to The Haunted Mansion, The Sequel to Nitemare 3-D. This will serve as the fifth installment to the Hugo series. In it, you must again rescue Penelope from the clutches of evil, but this time, you must venture deep into the depths of hell itself through a top secret portal hidden in the basement of The Haunted Mansion. This basement is accessable only through a secret passageway up on the fifth floor.

The mansion, much like the previous haunted house, is chock full of zombies, bats, mummies, vampires, witches, goblins, killer robots, the usual. Only until you get to hell do you stumble upon new enemies. Hell is a journey full of structures you probably didn't think existed down in the pits of fire.

EPISODE 1 will be your passageway from the haunted mansion into the depths of hell
EPISODE 2 will be the seven layers of hell, and then the gatekeeper of satan's layer
EPISODE 3 will feature the battle with satan, the great book, and the dungeon.
EPISODE 4 will be bonus levels. Lots of 'em. Many of which lead to others.
Some variations and implementations of Hugo into other worlds such as wolfenstein.
Others direct remakes of Nitemare 3-D Levels. Someday a 3D House of Horrors.

Once you defeat satan he is not dead. He is never dead. He's just out of the way. Once he's out of the way you can continue to the great book, discover the chant to free the mansion of its hauntings and possessions, and to summon hammerstein from his slumber, who holds the key to the dungeon where Penelope is kept. Doing so will give you the password to unlock Episode 4, and Previews for a possible next game.

I do realize I've nothing to show yet. I honestly can't get the palette to work for I haven't done this before. But this is more or less a calling to see if anyone is interested.

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if there was a way to get any sort of demo or whats done so far of this mod right now i would so help by adding a cesspool of hidden levels or hell at least 3. i don't know why that number comes to mind but... yeah let me make some new levels for hugo!!! I want to be part of something important!!!

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jplstatic said:

I want to be part of something important!!!

Just create a good doom level, because this is important! If people like you create at least 1 good map, then the possibility increases that DOOM will never die. So, are you doing your part? :-P

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