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Super Burrow

need help recording demos

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oh and also tatsurd what do i put for the name if its just a normal play through on ultra-violence? would i call it k15-xxx instead of ks15-xxx?

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Use KS. It means Kama Sutra and applies to any demo in Ultra-Violence that doesn't have another special objective (tyson, reality or pacifist, &c). Max and speed demos simply use a plain name for the levels, and usually distinguish themselves by the time. A "normal walkthrough" is the equivalent of a very lazy speed demo unless you manage to kill everything and visit every secret, where it becomes a (probably slower) max demo.

PS: Try not to post twice in a row, please. If you want to add a comment after you've posted, and no one has posted after you, use the Edit/Delete option at the bottom of your last post to modify it.

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