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3-way CTF

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I do not know about if this is very popular on other ports, but what I do know is that here are some great mappers. So that is why this post.

Recently on the port ZDaemon 3-way became pretty populair. The only thing is it does not have an 3-way ctf pack yet. Well one pack came out but those were only old maps converted. Really some old maps from mine too.

That is why I started this project recently, the 3-way CTF pack.

My question for all you mappers out there, would you like to contribute to this pack? If yes, please post or PM me.

Here is the post on the ZDaemon forum:

Well ladies and gentlemen,

Here is the thread. You will find and read everything you need here. So as I saw in the previous thread, an amount of people already started with mapping. That is good to see.

But now, here are the guidelines, maplist and the texturepack.

-Player limit is 6 to 15. So minimun, 2 in each team and maximum 5, if my math is correct.
-Do not make HUGE maps, try to stay on the player limit
-Everybody chooses there own sky
-If you want to use your own textures make sure you zip it with your zipfile
-If your map is completed zip it, what is in the zip is the following: your map, your sky, your midi, your mapinfo (.txt) AND your own textures (if you insisted).
-Take good care to your map, there is no rush. Unless your the only one who everyones is waiting for. :P
-You are allowed to convert older maps you have made into a 3-way hell hole. But only if the map is yours. :wink:

Maplist; I will start with 15 maps, if more people will come the list will grow:

    1 Spacepirate > DONE
    2 Exl > DONE
    3 Ronald
    4 BestOfTheWorst
    5 Spacepirate > DONE
    6 Doomination
    7 ZERO99
    8 Ronald
    9 ZombieMachine
    10 Spacepirate > DONE
    11 Caboose
    12 Cybershark
    13 Jad > DONE
    14 ZombieMachine
    15 Spacepirate > DONE
    16 Exl
    17 SpacePirate
    18 TUD


So all I have to say now is, good luck and happy mapping.

Claim a map by posting here.

If you have ANY questions please post here or PM me. If your name is ZombieMachine please PM only.

See ya later alligator. ;)

Original thread: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=12205&start=0

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Ill think about this, but dont put me down jsut yet.

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Ok cool.

Well there is no rush, depends on how fast the others are. Just do not sit on your map for 3 years like it is your egg. :P

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Hey TUD, good to see you. Or was it an illusion ?

And yeah, some new maps in there are really good.

But euhm, you want a slot ? Come on I know you want to. :P

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