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The Anomaly: E1M8 remake WIP thread

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I got bored with "what.wad" (read: ran out of ideas) so I decided to tackle something that I have already sorta rough drafted: A re-imagining of Phobos Anomaly, a mining op/dig site that became the command center of the invasion of Phobos.

Download URL for testing the map:


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Nice work so far. I like the satanic altar thing you've got going in the second screen shot. :)

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Ok it's been roughed out, it's semi playable and I need feedback.


-I know, not enough ammo/health. This will change as I continue work on the map.

-Chaingun room is not done (yet) as I am trying to think of a way to keep it from being a carbon copy of the Shotgun room.

-Cacodemons in the final room may be removed if they are not received well.

-Should a Rocket Launcher be added?? Mabye in a secret room?

-Warehouse/crate maze is underdetailed. Working on that now though gameplay is my biggest concern here.

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Very nice looking screenshots so far. I saw a remake of E2M4 as well - perhaps one day there will be a megawad called DOOM Remaked; I would love to play it.

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