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Batch files

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Okay, I want to make a batchfile with options in it so it will load certain things...in other words, a numerical menu type thing. How do I go about that? Please e-mail me if you know at pilottobombadier@yahoo.com


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Bah! That's easy. There's a few different ways to do it. You can use "choice" or you could do it the easy way. Just write a batch file that displays the options. Then write a separate batch file for each option.

For example.


echo Welcome to the wonderful world of Doom!
echo What would you like to do?
echo 1: Play Doom?
echo 2: Play Doom2?
echo 3: Play the wonderful new megawad Alien Vendetta?
echo 4: quit
echo Type the number of the option of your choice, and press the enter key.

You would then write 4 separate batch files named 1 through 4.






doom2 -file av.wad


echo Thank you, have a nice day :)

The advantage of this method is there is no limit to the number of options. It's also much easier to add or remove new options later.

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Oh one thing I forgot. Make sure you place the line:

@echo off

at the top of each batchfile. This will stop the lines from being displayed twice.

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