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Custom Doom Co-op

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Long time no post (Maturity+++ too!).

I've been going on and off the original 50something maps of DOOM and DOOM2 to make it more suitable for co-op play since the original IWADs did not make it sufficient for multiple players when I did some runs with people a long time ago.

This co-op WAD ups the difficulty for easy and hard skill level player, atop additional construction onto the maps while trying to retain the original feel of each level. Up until sometime in December (when I discovered Oblige), I put it on temp-halt but I really should get back to working on it. The previous version (which was called DC3COOP.WAD) I didn't release since I only fixed a shitload of alignment errors, texture errors and only really added plenty of SP and MP monsters/items. And yes, even this new version supports single player for those wanting a bloodbath by themselves.

This is the new starting area of E3M5 (Unholy Cathedral)
Modifications to doors have been done since this screen.

Thoughts? Opinions? I also wonder if this would be acceptable on Idgames archives when done since it contains NO resources (original graphics, sprites) from the IWAD.

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Id asks that their stuff be used only in the game the add-on is for, so if your levels are based on id's and they're for each game respectively, they should be okay.

The archive has a rule against modifications of id's levels, but has made exceptions. I'm betting it's more lax than in the past now that we know what id wants in this respect, and because the main issue that prompted the rule is kind of irrelevant now: Early on many people made minor tweaks to id levels, got excited about being able to modify the game, and uploaded the slight mods.

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Well, yea...my unreleased and sparsly distributed version had minor tweaks to it but this new version many levels (except E3M6, MAP30 and 31..dunno what to add) have anywhere from moderate to significant structural additions to it (not to the quality of KDiZD but still enough for good looks)

I'll add a few more screens later.

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Unless it's a human tech base disguised as a temple, I'd replace that mechanical aluminium door with something more fitting, especially for an Unholy Cathedral retake: a tall METAL1 curtain. And also add detail to the facade, again in the way of Unholy Cathedral: a few demon icons and bright red marks on the green stone walls.

The project looks ambitious and due to the coop recommendation, I expect a deadly crossfire to happen inside that temple (or tech base :).

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I changed the two outer doors to BIGDOOR6 so it looks better. In the latest version after the above screenshot, there are grates on the castle walls seen surrounding the original courtyard.

Also, I am trying to figure out more ways to surprise players other than ambush-teleports and monster closets. If anyone can help suggest new ways of surprising the player out, that would be helpful.

Added 2/2/09: Playing this on Nightmare or UV with -fast would be suicidal due to the dehacked patch inside the WAD making monster projectiles, speed and some attack frames for some faster. Most notibly are imp/caco/baron/rockets/mancubi projectiles are faster, requiring quicker reflexes for the game.

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Here are some screenshots of episode 1 with familiar surroundings and no-so familiar:






That will be enough for now. When I get around to finishing up the second half of Doom 2's maps, I'll post a handful of screenshots.

Note: The smaller chaingun is not part of the coop ultrawad, it is a resource from D2ENH.WAD for personal use.

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Here is a screen of a revamped E3M8. The cover elements were added because the Mastermind will tear you to shreds within seconds (without armor)..I watched it mow down a Baron rather quickly. The other structural architecture was added later.

The main room of E2M9.

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