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issue with atomicgamer.com

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all links on the doomworld site linking to atomicgamer.com are all wrong. at least a fair percentage of which if there are actually some which are right that i haven't found yet. the culprit is obviously atomicgamer.com but i just thought i'd point it out if no one has said anything or thought of this. its been this way for months.

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It's a known issue that occurred when Atomicgamer moved the Telefragged archive over to Atomicgamer itself. You can browse each Doomworld files directory, and get any files from there. Also, you can always report any broken links on Doomworld, and they may be fixed.

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Atomicgamer, what's so atomic about it when i need to wait FOUR minutes?
That's just screwy. But anyway, thanks for the link, myk.

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