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My first level

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For others: this level is to be found on map 13...

Accaptable first try, BUT there are many things you need to get to know before creating a good level:

Don’t make a level other than for map01, because everyone will have to cheat to get to another level other than map01. If you want another music for your map, ask someone to implement another music for you or learn how to use DeePsea or another editing tool.

It is important to align textures. I also found out how to do it automatically just some weeks ago. You will need it for later levels you create: download Doom Builder and click on the lines you want to align and then click on the menu “lines/Autoalign textures”.

Your door does not open. Have you got to know how to make a door yet? Which editor do you use?

Next time you release a wad here on Doomworld make sure to show some screenshots (you can use this website for it). Also: please don’t use rapidshare, use Filefront instead. There you can release test levels in your own folder, without releasing it to filefront directly and users don’t have to wait for the download.

That’s all for now, keep improving and you may release a great doom level in some time, be patient.

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Not a bad start, I presume you'll be adding more to it.

You put in too many Player 1 starts - remove Thing 20 and Deeforce might manage to open that door. Also remove the 3D Mode Start, most ports complain when they find it. Sector 6 doesn't have to be so tall, make it around 80-96 pixels and it's door - which only needs an action tag on one side - won't open all the way to the sky. There's also a few redundant sectors.

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