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Explain to me the dbzone maps

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I started using ZDaemon a lot lately and I see that the dbzone series of maps is quite popular on a lot of servers, some dedicated to it.

No offense to its creator but I think they are pretty lame.

What's the appeal?

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I love dbzone, except when bumfaces shoot other players. Some things I like about it:

- infinite ammo
- cool jumping parts
- all six keys to find in a couple of the maps
- some shortcuts and secrets
- gameplay and monster placement
- playable in single player

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Haha, to be honest the only redeeming value I found in it was shooting my team mates off of ledges and laughing.

Some of the servers I have seen it on have a lemming player skin which is about 7 pixels high or something so they are almost impossible to see. Two guys were doing that and hiding around corners just waiting to blast people off with a super shotgun. Pretty annoying because you couldn't even see them.

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Even if I can't agree your point, but I can understand why you don't like it. :)

DBZone(full-name is DOOM Barracks Zone.) is a mapset by Hong Kong and Taiwan's Doom players, the original author named "Tails". Version 1 was released on 2006/12/04.

It was released for ZDaemon servers of DOOM Barracks clan --- a ZDaemon/Doom clan by Taiwanese.
(It also works on skulltag.)

And it accidentally become popular in ZDaemon after its version 6/7 released.(I can't sure but maybe in that period).

After DBZone become "popular",so many modified versions based v7/v7a without approval to original author. And you don't know what version is original...(Not only this wad, some popular maps too.)


About "lemming player skin" , I think that's Tails, and it released by original author. It may sucks, but I think it isn't that bad. :)

The official version of DBZone(DOOM Barracks Zone) is v7c (2009/01/30)


This link is about the "Tails skin" --- "lemming player skin" you said.

Official release site : (Sorry, this is Chinese site.)

Sorry about my bad English grammar. :D

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