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Looking for a wad

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I played this when I first heard of zdoom, so it's going back a bit.

It was a four level wad designed for a port with jumping in mind. I can't remember the first map (helpful!) other than I think it was significantly smaller than the rest of the levels. The second level is a HUGE open base with lots of monsters, and literally starts you off in a corner with tons of monsters facing you ready to attack. The third map is mostly climbing up a large cliff to a base at the top. The final map is a castle ontop of a cliff surrounded by lava. The last 3 maps stood out for me because of how huge they were, and could take a long time to complete even with a coop partner. They all used similar textures to each other (mainly brown rock and typical grey metal textures) and the theme lasted through each level.

Any ideas what it's called?

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Nothing comes to mind. Any extra details that you can think of will be helpful.

You can try searching the idgames database for files with the words "maps 1-4" in them, and look up the files with older dates.

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I tried that. Pretty much spent all night looking for it. My friend extracted the fourth map out of it and made some minor edits. I think he still has it, and I'll upload it if I can get a hold of it.

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