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Dimaension X does DOOM music

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Yes, some guy named Dave (AKA Dimaension X) is making recreations in his own way of the original Doom and Doom 2 soundtracks. Check out the soundclick widget on his blog. The drums, bass and guitar are real for the most part if you check his other work.

Some of the songs are not 100% exact replicas but are still badass. "Map01 demo" is the song you want to click. He had to use synth guitar for the arpeggio section of the song for this one but will be using real guitars for the others.

For his non-DOOM music (which is free for distribution), check out this, this and this for those interested.


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Yes, MAP01 demo is the only one he has right now. Stay tuned to his blog and last.fm page for updates.

I am pretty sure all the stuff will be out by May or June...maybe even earlier since he's pretty quick.

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