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Setslot and cyclic weapon toggling

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Edit: Title changed.

GZDoom spits out this error message when I load my weapon mod wad.

I renamed my SuperShotgun "AutoShotgun", and that seemed to work OK, but I couldn't swap weapons to or from the new weapon using the mouse wheel, cyclic weapon toggling. Edit: This means that I cannot seem to rename the modded weapon if I want cyclic weapon swapping to function.

I created a KeyConfig file, and that didn't help. The game won't even allow me to select the gun by pressing the number key with which the weapon ought to be associated. That file reads as follows:

weaponsection AutoShotgun
setslot 8 AutoShotgun
addslotdefault 8 AutoShotgun

I would just leave the shotgun named "SuperShotgun" and live with the error message except that I want to package this DECORATE file into a wadpack which will utilize the normal super shotgun on other maps. When I load the DECORATE file with the new weapon named "SuperShotgun", the normal supershotgun (which is used on other maps in the wadpack) exhibits a defect identical to the one that the modded shotgun exhibits when it is renamed "AutoShotgun".

Please help me out with this if you can.

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The SuperShotgun is already defined in (G)ZDoom.pk3, so you shouldn't use that name as you'll get a conflict every time.

The KEYCONF lump is called KEYCONF, not KEYCONFIG. Unknown lump names are ignored, so it's not going to work...

By the way, if you use "setslot" in KEYCONF, you shouldn't use "addslotdefault" for the same thing as well, it's redundant.

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Okay. Thanks for the response. The Key Configuration file I was using was named KEYCONF, I just called it KeyConfig in the thread. I've eliminated the extraneous commands from my KEYCONF file per your reply.

So, the problem I'm having is that I can't find a way to enable a fully functional modded SSG, in addition to a normal fully functional SSG, in the same wad. One object breaks the other, every time, and renaming the modded weapon or setting the slot to anything other than 3 breaks cyclic toggling... Edit: ...on BOTH weapons.

Any ideas?

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Yeah, they have different names now, and as a result, cyclic weapon toggling won't work.

The main problem I'm encountering is that if I don't name my modified SSG "SuperShotgun" (if I change the name in any way) then cyclic weapon toggling ceases to function. Setslot doesn't help. The DECORATE definition for the weapon was taken straight from the wiki. Only the name and thing numbers have been altered, so I don't see how it could be dysfunctional.

That whole wiki has been a lifesaver throughout the learning process. But I haven't managed to figure out how to fix this problem by reading; that's the one and only reason I posted my question here. To be totally clear, I wouldn't even be trying to use a weaponsections lump at all if I hadn't discovered the exact page you just linked me to. But that was a couple weeks back, and I'm still stuck.

I would rather ignore the registration error (which does not affect gameplay in any way) than not be able to use the new weapon correctly. However, the entire purpose of doing this at all was to learn how to do it right, and still don't see what it is I'm doing wrong. Is there any information I can offer that would allow someone to work with me in finding a solution? I'll upload the wad somewhere, or paste the scripts in here, if necessary.

Whatever you need, just ask. I'd like to figure this out and move on.

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