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peach freak

Altering story texts

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Using a program like XWE or Wintex, is it possible to change the story texts found during the game? I was able to modify the Doom ending screen when you exit the game thanks to a friend, but I'm also interested in changing the stories as well. Is it possible, or am I stuck with the Doom II stories without breaking Vanilla Doom compatibility? Thanks.

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You can pretty much change any string in the game using DeHackEd. This is the vanilla-compatible method, but it has one limitation: the string cannot be longer than it originally was in the game. I would suggest WhackEd2 for your DeHackEd needs, as opposed to using the original DOS version. I think you can even change the background graphic used for these intermission screens by modifying the strings section as well.

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If using jDoom, you can replace those intermissions entirely by writing your own InFine script.

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jplstatic said:

if using zdoom, edit the language lump copied from the zdoom.pk3 file

You don't need to copy the whole language lump BTW. Only the part that you modify. And it's cleaner to change said text by having a MAPINFO lump anyway. In addition to the aforementioned ZDoom and jDoom, Eternity and Vavoom have their own ways of redefining these things, too.

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