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What is a good way to tweak my map's reject?

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Say I have a map with only 10 sectors. I want exactly one specific sector to reject exactly one other without tampering with the map itself. What's a good way to do this?

Edit 1: Okay hold on. I just found out about RMB 3.0. I'm looking into it now...

Edit 2: Solved. A useless question after all. :P

Edit 3: Okay maybe not. Still working on it. Hold on...

Edit 4: Wow. Runtime error 202. This sucks. RMB appears not to like my map.

Welp, back to the drawing board?

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Dr Sleep has an extensive guide on REJECT tweaking. I'd consider checking it out if you haven't.

EDIT: ZenNode also has some REJECT tweaking you can do, I believe. It's detailed in that guide I linked to.

Also, if you're having a tough time running RMB, consider running a Virtual PC. I have Win2K Pro installed on a virtual machine that I use to run older DOS command line programs I can't run in XP x64.

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