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Audigy SE Sound Card for Sale

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I have a brand new Creative Labs Audigy SE Sound Card I purchased from NewEgg for just over $40 with shipping that arrived yesterday. I have used it in my system for a couple hours. I have since removed the card from my computer, put it back in its anti-static bag and repackaged all the materials back into their original packaging in the NewEgg box it came in. I am selling it because it didn't work properly under Windows Vista Home.

Make me an offer; I'll pay for shipping.

I'm not returning it to NewEgg because I don't feel like dealing with RMA nonsense (15% restocking fee, forms, shipping, etc); I would rather sell it for less and save someone a buck or two.


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Craiglist is always a good way to unload computer parts.

Although I've been trying to sell an Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI card + cable and terminator on there for a while now with no bites.

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Good luck with that...I'm trying to practically give away an Audigy 4 I made the mistake of buying 2 years ago, after it nearly fucked up my PC, and guess what, none wants it.

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