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Control Center #10

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This map kicks ass, and my ass.

one niggling thing though. one door also controls the red key door, which houses some pretty mad enemies. I had to dodge rockets from nowhere everytime I entered the main conveyor belt area.

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Another nice map ! :)

Best run in software I would say.

1) You mention texture problems in gzdoom ? I'm guessing you are referring to the texture clashing with LITE3 onlines 1388 and 1434 ? This is due to the fact that these lines are superimposed on others. You did it correct with line 159 for example.

2) Line 2353 needs a Y offset of 64.

3) Lines 6633, 6623, 6761 etc would look better with a Y offset of 136.

4) The use of the scrolling texture SP_ROCK1 on lines 6518,6519 etc looks odd IMO. Would look better with METAL2 or similar and not scrolling IMO.

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Man. How do you keep finding all this stuff?! :P

Actually with GZdoom there was also some issues with the large crate room middle area if I remember correctly (bits of the "ground" spilling through the sunken middle textures, or something like that). Don't know if my latest tweaks fixed that or not; I haven't tested with GZdoom since then.

I agree with #4, though. I just wanted to try out something new and see if anything came of it. I'll remove that in a later version.

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