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Looking for a couple of old wads.

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Both wads are from around 1995 - 1996. Both wads came off a compilation CD, but they were two of the best wads off the CD. Both are single map replacements.

First map.
-Had an area with hexagon shaped lifts that lowered one after the other, creating a kind of long staircase effect. (this area had a number of chaingunners and other lesser monsters.
-Had a cyberdemon on a raised platform in the middle of the map, surrounded by a circular walkway that stretched much of the way around the map. The hexagon area led to this walkway.
-Used a lot of brown brick textures, and was predominantly brown themed.
-Had lots of small areas and little nooks and crannies, especially useful for avoiding the cyberdemon, which had many lines of sight around the map.
-Was 'sort of' an open plan map, with several different ways through the map.

Second Map.
-Again predominantly made up of those big brown brick textures.
-The start was pretty hard, with lots of monsters flooding the start room as soon as you fired a shot. (mostly shotgunners and chaingunners, but a number of hell knights/barons etc) Possibly some manc's too.
-Start room had 2 ways out. One way was stairs that led down to a green sludge area. Other way led to a maze area.
-Virtually all of the map was the brown maze area, except for the very end where (iirc) there was an open area with a spider demon.
-There was a secret elevator in the maze that would lower you into a pit with an arachnotron.

I just remember these being two very good wads. Am curious whether they are still any good more than a decade later, or whether my memory is playing tricks on me and they are crap by modern standards.

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My memories of those really old wads is very bad. I played so many horrendous WADs back in the day on those compilation discs (only a few were actually worth-while). The description you give could basically be the same for any of a large ammount of levels. Do you remember the names of them or the file name? The authors name? Anything?

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File or author names would have been the first thing I posted if i knew them. :)

Brown levels from 1996, with monsters in them. Heh. Well that about sums up my descriptions, which narrows it down to approximately 250 thousand kazillion levels.. But i might get lucky.

Maybe a good idea would be for me to draw floorplans and post that. Coz I can kind of remember the *rough* layouts of the levels. Might be my best bet. They were quality levels for their time, so I am positive that with the Doom knowledge floating around these forums, someone here will know them, if I can just get enough specifics.

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Mad Butcher, you were exactly right. Blindside (the first one) was one of the wads I was talking about. I just had a play through it then, for like the first time in, well since it came out originally. And it is still very playable. I died a few times even.

Thanks for the links. :)

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