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My New Pwad

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I have finally decided to make a new wad using the resources of my Tei Tenga Refinery Zdoom map. I have been away from Doom for a while doing other things, but I have Doombuilder and the Latest Zdoom and I am making something very cool indeed.

I will upload a preview of the map somewhere when I have done a bit on it.

Thank you all.

I had to create a new account, because I forgot the password to my old one and my Hotmail would not work.

http://doomguy.50megs.com/index.htm & click the comp02.zip link.

Here is a link to the current file, It needs the latest freedoom wad to run & Zdoom of course. Doombuilder is the greatest editor so far and way easier & faster than using Yadex, which will not compile on Ububtuu 8.10.

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I have already converted the map to Doom2 and implemented some good architecture and effects, there is the mad evil Marine that is in cahoots with the monsters and there will be a sort of sewerage treatment plant thing going on with the map, I love the panning security cameras in Zdoom!

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I have uploaded my comp02.wad to my website at http://bejiitas_wrath.tripod.com you just scroll down the menu and you will find the links to the comp02.zip and my completed re-vamp of Demon University for Scythe2.wad.

You need Zdoom and Doom2 to run my comp02.wad, I just want some feedback on how I should progress to get the level finished and how I could make it really good, without too much scripting and more gameplay.

Thank you. I cannot direct link for reasons of being hosted on tripod.

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the outdoor area of comp02 is useless, because you don’t need to go there. Maybe you want to add a key or a switch there. As I said before: the nuked water is great, but now try to make the environment look beautiful. You may need new textures and better architecture in this outdoor area. The exit I would transform into a teleporter that leads you to a big area, where 300 Pain Elementals are waiting for the player. So, the player has to fight about 1000 Lost Souls and after it he should fight the 2 arch viles that are in the exit right now. You may know that your level is way too short as it is. So, try to make it bigger!

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