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My wad - Hell Apocalypse

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Right now im working on a new wad called 'Hells apocalypse'

It will be a 32 level replacment featuring new textures and realstic looking levels. Im aiming to make each level interesting, long like a proper Research Base and most monsters will teliport into the map like in Doom 3.

At the moment there is only one level since i only started yesterday, progress has been slow but the first level is just about done.

I was also wondering if anyone is willing to make a team so this wad can get done quicker and if i do this all on my own i doubt this will get released due to other things going on at the moment.

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No no no.

Post when you have at least something to show, and keep your plans at least vaguely realistic. And certainly don't ask for help at such an early stage unless you enjoy being ridiculed.

I'll close this because otherwise it would just become a [newproject] shitfest or worse.

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