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Unnamed map from 2003

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This is a really old WAD I constructed back in 2003 which was going to be for some project but I didn't know what happened to it (I think). The level is MAP10 and is your usual generic base theme with it changing near the end of the level. I did some tweaking in Doom Builder before uploading it so that is why the file is dated 2009.

Try and find all 4 secrets while you can.

Download is here - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15594

Some feedback from my levels back then would be appreciated.

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your level makes fun to play! Especially the music is well chosen. It fits to the atmosphere perfectly. There are only a few weaknesses:

1.) Try to get a better name for your level. Maybe: Base Of Death.
2.) To choose a level other than map01 is a bad idea.

Furthermore I had a problem with this, but maybe it’s just me. There is always lava or other deadly things below there in such a situation, so I didn’t jump down there the first time I passed to the switch.

Ok, that’s all for now, have a nice day and be sure to upload the level here.

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The lift that raises right there doubles as a usable lift.

Hm, I just noticed the extra textures meant for Doom were there but don't appear to be used (except the ads and 'made by' texture). I'll strip the unneeded crap before uploading it.

EDIT 5:08PM EST: Uploaded to the Archives.

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No, I did not. I culled it (and other stuff) when I uploaded it to the Archive. You can find it in the /graphics/ section which is called APGFX. I use that religiously alongside the smaller chaingun from D2ENH.WAD, which is also on the Archives.

Being that I played it after so long, I almost died several times on UV and had fun playing through. The version on the archives fixes the cell pack (originally plasma gun) secret so it is accessible.

Deeforce: You need to hit that switch so you can hit another so passing it or jumping in before the platform fully rises is advised against.

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Ok, you released it: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15594

It is very good, that your level is on map01 now, but what is with the music? “Music: No“?... This is really a pity, because the music was so good. You just need to rename the midi file “D_Dead“ to “D_Runnin“, so that the music plays on map01. Why did you delete the midi file?

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I trimmed it down and I'm not much of a Sabbath fan as I was years ago. Glad you like it, I hope I get good word of it in the next /newstuff chronicles.

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