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I'm making a map in Boom. It has deaf monsters. When I fire a gun too close to them, they get alerted, despite being deaf. How can I fix this?

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The deaf flag only prevents monsters from immediately waking up and pursuing you. It will wake up as soon as you are in range of it. If you want a monster that remains idle until it sees you in it's normal range of vision, use sound blocking linedefs instead. Remember, when using these, you have to have two lines between the shots fired and the monster.

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In fact, monsters with the "AMBUSH" flag have eyes in the backs of their heads. Once they've heard a sound, they don't wake up, but they do begin to look for targets in a 360 degree radius. This means that even if they are facing away from you, they'll come after you at that point.

I had major trouble with this back when I was developing the total invisibility powerup for Eternity TC...

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