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Changing weapons with DECORATE

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Is it possible to change the original weapons in DECORATE the same way you can monsters? I tried to modify the chaingun like this:

actor Chaingun2 : Chaingun replaces Chaingun
    CHGG A 0 A_FireBullets (5.6, 0, 1, 200, "BulletPuff")
    CHGG A 4 A_GunFlash
    CHGG B 4 A_FireBullets (5.6, 0, 1, 200, "BulletPuff")
    CHGG B 0 A_ReFire
    goto Ready
When I do this the only way I can get a chaingun is to pick one up. When I switch to another weapon the chaingun goes away, and when I do "IDKFA" I don't get a chaingun.

I'm guessing this is because it defined an actor and not a true weapon. Is there a word I need to add or something or is it not possible to modify the weapons this way?

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What, it is a true weapon!

What's happening is that your chaingun2 weapon is not defined in KEYCONF.

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