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Things that are not doors and need keys

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Well, you can do this in Boom. You need a voodoo doll (Extra player 1 start), scrolling floor that moves things, and linedefs with Walk-over trigger actions.

Make a room somewhere where a voodoo doll is on a scrolling floor, blocked by the 'locked' door, where ahead of the door are linedef actions that you want to occur after the key switch is triggered.

Get the main switch that requires the specific key to open that locked door. The door opens, allowing the voodoo doll to move with the scrolling floor. Whenever the voodoo doll goes over a linedef with a walk-over trigger action, it triggers them. i.e. W1 Floor lowers, the voodoo doll goes over it, a floor lowers.

I hope I said it in the right way. :/

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Indeed. And if you use one of the fast-door triggers, the message will say "You need a blue key to activate this object", rather than "to open this door", so the player will be none the wiser.

Also good to keep in mind is that players can only move when there's 56 or more units of height space in front of them, so you can reduce the time required for the voodoo to get through the door if you have the door start out partially-open instead of touching the floor.

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Indeed. For most voodoo-scripting setups, though, you can achieve whatever you want to do just using doors, instant-raise/lower floors, or whatever else can be placed as an obstacle in the voodoo doll's path and then moved out of the way.

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I do this extensively in my Scimitar megawad, generally they're timed tho, so in MAP01 there's a switch which, when clicked, lowers to the ground, and only when it has reached the ground does the door it targets open. This is done by having the switch lower a floor inside the secret voodoo scrolling room and having the trigger 12 units in front of the lowering floor - so the (center of the) voodoo doll only has to travel 4 units to triger it

For locked switches it's a similar setup but with the partially opened locked door allowing the voodoo doll to move jsut enough to start the switch-lowering sequence, where it has to wait again.

Once you've got the hang of it there's alsorts you can do. In cyc-b.wad "React" i use a teleport at the end of a scrolling hall to get a voodoo doll to repeatedly switch a bunch of lights on and off for a strobed tunnel :-)

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