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Console doom wad & PSX Mp3s.

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Where have they gone?

The doom2.net site will not come up and the PSX Doom mp3s I loved are nowhere to be found. I hope there are some sites somewhere else that have these files.

Please help!

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An Aussie Doomer - that's your problem. Either use an anonymous proxy or do what I did and set your PC/router to use a DNS server that's not being screwed over by Doom2.net's nameserver. OpenDNS works fine.
This issue was recently discussed in another thread where myk and I nearly came to blows.

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I am connecting to the net with my mobile phone, so that will not work, I setup the Opendns settings in the ubuntuu networking applet I connect through and edited the right system files to append the relevant nameservers, but I refuse to use anything that asks me to reboot my machine just to get some crappy site to work.

I can access the site fine through a anonymiser but I cannot download anything. Fuck the site, I am sure someone else has copies of the files. I could get it from there.

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