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Which Heretic source ports are there?

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I'm as some of you know working on a Heretic episode. I'm trying to cover all possibilities regarding what version of heretic people might enjoy using to play with. So my lowest common denominator is Heretic+. "No" limits, but still supported by all. Or so I hope.

Testing with the different ports will of course be necessary. But I am not really that in to it that I want to test with any bastard child of Heretic out there. I want the bastard child to at least be used by people.
So currently I've been using Zdoom, Heretic+ and Legacy for testing. Obviously I'll have to use Doomsday too. But what other ports are there? I know of several. But I don't know if they are even still being used by anyone. So if anyone can give me tips or their favorite port that I may have missed or if they know people are using it. Go right ahead.


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Vavoom, ReMooD (SVN version only), and wHeretic (dead AFAIK).

None of them are ones I'd use for casual play at the moment, though. Eternity would probably be my main choice when it ever supports Heretic properly, but until then I use ZDoom.

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Isn't ReMood just a beaten down version of Legacy?
Vavoom, good catch I had almost forgot about that one.And I know people use it.

Eternity, Yeah I'm eagerly waiting for it to get the support in. But I think it won't be before Chocolate Heretic is out.

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Because I'm eager to get to Strife support, expect Heretic to get finished pretty soon ;) The fact the features needed apply to both games (and Hexen as well) makes them very important.

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