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Any one else get this error in DooM Builder?

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Hello, I know that you, codeimp, are not fixing any more errors or bugs relating to doom builder. That's not why I am posting, I am posting asking to see if anyone else has encountered a certain bug/flaw and I want to know what they did about it, that's all :P.

The error in question is simple, I open my map and make at least one new sector or more(I don't know if its limited to sectors, I'm just posting the way I was able to reproduce the error.) and then I would hit 'W' for 3D Editing Mode. Before it finishes loading the 3D Editing Mode, I would then hit 'W' again, causing it to produce the error
"Runtime Error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set" <ok box>

Bleh... every time this happens by mistake I lose probably an hour, OR at least 20 sectors worth of mapping. Extremely frustrating.

Other than this the only other time I have had a problem with DooM Builder is forgetting to Close it or XWE and opening the other.

Looking forward to DooMBuilder 2! ^_^

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I get the same annoying error myself. Apparently this only happens if the nodes have not been built yet. For example, when I add a new sector or stuff, then I click W then W again (stupid effing twitchy fingers!), the error appears. If I clear W, then I exit 3d mode, then I click W, W, W, it doesn't crash at all, since the nodes don't require rebuilding.

Better safe then sorry: save after every new linedef! :P

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Sometimes that will happen. Usually what happens is I get stuck in 3D mode though. Like I'll hit W to exit, but as soon as DB is finished unloading it, it loads it right back up again with no input from me. It's like you're trapped in 3D mode. :p

Usually another quick double press of the W button will get me back to normal, though.

Another thing that sucks is if something takes focus away from DB while you're in 3D mode. You end up staring at the editing window with no linedefs or anything where your map is supposed to be at, and if you click anything inside the map view, DB crashes. Luckily, I figured out that DB does still have your map in memory, and you can still use the menu, so I just save it and then close DB down. That way I don't lose anything.

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