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Coding in ZDoom Doom in doom format

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This might be a dumb question, but how can I add scripts to my Zdoom map if I use the Zdoom doom in doom format as my base? I enjoy having the original doom sector - linedef options like doors and lifts without having to use the hexen options?

I am new to zdoom editing and have not touched any of this stuff in years, but wanted to get back into it. Just looking for some help.


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I do not believe ZDoom enables any method of attaching ACS level scripts to maps in DOOM format. The problem is two-fold. First, DOOM linedefs have no method of specifying arguments, so stuff like ACS_Execute can't work. Second, the BEHAVIOR lump is unfortunately the only totally reliable method for detecting Hexen-format maps.

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I would just use Boom-style scripting with monsters or voodoo dolls. That's probably the best alternative to ACS. If you're making a ZDoom level, why not use Hexen format? You can use zwadconv.exe to convert your maps over to Hexen format (found in the download section at zdoom.org in the utilities package).

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You can fully use ACS with Doom in Doom format maps, but it's actually more difficult to do than to learn Hexen format mapping.

First, you need to create your scripts in an ACS library which is loaded via the LOADACS lump.

Second, you need to create a translation lump for your map. The syntax is not documented to my knowledge, so you have to look at the copy of the doom translation lump in zdoom.pk3 and modify it to your needs. Once you have that you need to use MAPINFO to reference it.

Third, use your newly assign line action numbers on your map. You'll have to enter these manually since the editor will not list your new numbers.

Edit: It might be worth noting that ZDoom already does this for Strife support.

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Blzut3 said:

You can fully use ACS with Doom in Doom format maps.

... with the exception that any thing affecting actions won't work because you can't assign tids outside the scripts.

Sure, it can be made to work with countless hacks upon hacks but isn't it easier to learn the power of Hexen's parameterized specials? Once you get used to them you will never go back.

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